AR MasterSingers Scholarship

The Arkansas Master'Singers have been collecting funds to establish the Master'Singers Memorial Scholarship for a number of years.  This scholarship is designed to support students who are preparing for some type of vocational ministry through music.  The scholarship is named in memory of deceased members of the Arkansas Master'Singers.  The principal funds, which serve as a foundation for the scholarship, are received in the form of freewill offerings at concerts presented annually by The Arkansas Master'Singers.

 To request a scholarship packet, please callt 800.838.2272 ext. 5121

The guidelines for this scholarship are as follows:

1.  General Information
     a.  The applications will be reviewed and scholarship awards determined by a Scholarship Committee comprised of members of The Master'Singers officers and ABSC Executive Board music staff, in consultation with the staff of the Arkansas Baptist Foundation.
     b.  The scholarship award will be $2,000, paid in a lump sum directly to the school indicated by the person chosen to receive the scholarship, and designated for that student's use.
     c.  No person will be eligible to participate on the Scholarship Committee in the selection process whose relative or student is involved in the scholarship application process.

2.  Requirements of Applicants
     a.  Applicants must be an active member of a congregation cooperating with the Arkansas Baptist State Convention, or orginally from an Arkansas Baptist congregation but now actively involved in a Southern Baptist congregation in another state and cooperating with state and national SBC entities.
     b.  Applicants must submit the completed application form and personal statement on or before June for the coming academic school year.
     c.  Three Recommendation Questionnaires must be completed and returned to the ABSC Leadership & Worship Team office, one each from: a staff member from the applicant's local congregation, a music teacher familiar with the applicant, and a lay person from the applicant's local congregation.  Matters for consideration include the applicant's Christian commitment (including an affirmation of the applicant's likely contribution to the ministry of music), character, commitment to completing an education, and worthiness for use of scholarship funds designed to assist a student preparing for a ministry career.  (Recommender should return the Questionnaire directly to the ABSC Leadership & Worship Team, not to the applicant, by June)
     d.  Applicants must be at least a senior in high school for eligibility.

3.  Criteria for Awarding the Scholarship
     a.  Commitment to some type of vocational ministry through music.
     b.  Past and current contributions to and participation in a local church music ministry.
     c.  Scholastic record - first consideration given to students with a 2.5 or higher GPA (4.0 scale).
     d.  Current enrollment or anticipated fall enrollment as a college, university or seminary student seeking a degree in music or church music (theology degree with church music emphsasis is acceptable).
     e.  Written recommendations of church staff, music teacher and lay person.
     f.  Financial need - given consideration in balance with the other criteria.

4.  Process of the Scholarship Committee
     a.  Notice of the scholarship will be given tot he members of The Arkansas Master'Singers, the church music departments at OBU and WBC, and to the public through an announcement in the Arkansas Baptist Newsmagazine in April of each year.
     b.  The Committee will meet after June and name a recipient by July 31
     c.  The Scholarship Committee may choose to interview applicants as needed.

5.  Factors not specifically covered in this description of the Process and Guidelines may be dteremined and acted upon by a majority vote of the Scholarship Committee.  In the absence of a qualified applicant, the Scholarship Committee is not required to award a scholarship.  The decision of the Scholarship Committee are final.