Hand-made Items

Sewing Items

It doesn't take a large group of women to have a sewing group in your church but with even a few many things can be made/given.  People that don't even sew can be involved by donating the items needed to make your gifts.

The elderly in the nursing homes enjoy receiving a lap blanket that will keep them warm even when others feel it's warm enough.  They will finger and look at that blanket and know that someone cared enough to make it for THEM.  These blankets can be sewn or crocheted.  


The Hope Migrant Center uses these cloth bags to hold personal hygiene items given to migrant workers that travel through the area.  These bags can be made with scrap material as they measure 12"x12" or 10"x10".  They need to have heavy cotton or nylon drawstrings.  Finished bags may be delivered to our association office.  A bonus would be filling them with items listed on the Collection page of this Ministry tab.