New Resources for Baptist Men on Misson

The North American Mission Board has begun the first-ever weekly men's missions education curriculum.  BMEN Online, a weekly e-newsletter available free through email, was launched this month.  Itincludes a missions focus article, a personal development article, weekly small-group accountability plans, urgent misions prayer requests, and monthly missions meeting plans.  "This is another missions-learning environment that is truly new ground for us," said Jim Burton, team leaer for missions education at NAMB.  "To our knowledge, a weekly men's missions resource has never been developed for Baptist men, much less delivered.  We are excited about the resource and what it can mean for Baptist men."

Baptist Men on Mission (BMEN) are the men of the church taking seriously God's call to be the husbands, father, mentors, and churchmen He has charged them to be.  Being a godly man is the foundation to being part of Baptist Men on Mission, because a godly man will be a godly husband, a godly father, and a godly mentor.  To subscribe to BMEN Online visit  Other new resources for mens mission involvement include:

Simultaneous Prayer Plan for Awakening, January 2009:  A 31-day prayer plan for men designed to awaken the hearts of men to a life of purpose.

Built for Significance:  A three-session weekend retreat that helps men answer the question "Why am I here?" so that they can articulate and act upon God's mission for their lives and families.

For more information on Baptist Men on Mission, visit or contact Travis McCormick at or call 501.376.4791, ext. 5138 or 800.838.2272, ext 5138.


Dear Beloved Pastor. Paul Holt,Loving greetings of grace be to you and your dear fiamly in the most resplendent name of our Holy Lord Jesus Christ who is the splendor of our redemption.At the outset I deeply thank for His benign blessing to gift one another. I am glad to insinuate to your good graces as a poor and humble servant of our Lord Jesus Christ.It is a great joy for all of us to share these things with you in the Lord. I happy to share with you our work among heather people in our pagan country.My name is Pastor.Chandra S.Y , The Lord had put us a great zeal for the unsaved in our pagan country. In obedience to His promise we are moving to preach the Gospel in the remote villages and doing Lordâs work among tribals and heathen people. My heart's desire and my prayer to God for our people are for their salvation.We preach Christ Crucified . I thank God for our brothers and sisters here are devoted themselves to the Lord and His work. They are always interested to obey God's word. I always enjoy preaching CHRIST crucified to people and spread the fragrance of the knowledge of Him in this part of this world. We do what Lord commanded His people to do. We give our thanks to God always for He gives us many opportunities to preach and teach His word. Our people are so kind and gentle. They show very good interest to listen and study the God's word.They obey gospel if we preach and teach the truth in love and constantly. We are diligently preaching and rightly dividing the word of truth in season and unseasoned. We exhort people to hear meditate and obey the God's word for the salvation and edification. We have used to visiting the neighbouring villages and holding revival meetings in remote and rural areas. Many people are accepting our Holy Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Our motto is to win the dying souls to Jesus Christ through His sacrifice.Our Motto is to win millions of souls for our Holy Lord Jesus Christ. I am believing every Word of God. We are preaching Word of God where there is no gospel. Our ministry is going to hit the Highways and Byways of India spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the books, booklets and media and also providing some of the physical needs of the people. Help provide food, shelter, good drinking water, medicine and clothing to the Poor of the poorest children, poor lepers, and the destitute aged men and women.We are also conducting crusades, meetings, Pastors & Leaders conferences with my level best by faith with my co-workers. We are doing the Lord's work honestly and faithfully. We are team work with co-pastors are depending God's grace. We are planting some churches in village areas, helping poor widows, Poorest of the poor people with conducting medical camps and educate them and also relief programmes. Please kindly pray for our team work & my ministries . India is a poor & pagan nation and predominated with the pagan culture by which they are led to the Idols and to the objects which are seen by them to worship them and carried into eternal condemnation, which is filled with full of dumb idols and idolaters. We find millions of pagans and Hindu temples in our territories. So we have a deep burden and great zeal for the lost that are perishing and dying in this sinful world and darkness without knowing of Jesus as their Saviour. We have full of compassion, pity, and love for the poor and needy who are starving to death and struggling each day to stay alive, due to the malnutrition. Please PrayIn this way we are discharging the word of God day and night to extend the Kingdom of God besides our Social service center which is an embodiment of religious philanthropic and social services. Many people have been turning to our Lord in these and but hard times by our sincere efforts of faith. It is not at all our merit but His grace only. We thank the Lord for your ministry, love and burden for the ministry. It is a great previlage to serve the Lord , it was not entrusted to the angles, but it was entrusted to us by His grace to be witness for Him in this darken world. Once again thank you for your precious time is being spending for me as a servant of God. God bless you and guide you in these end days. My special greetings and wishes to you, your fiamly and your staff. I need your full Spiritual and financial co-operation and encouragement to do the our Holy Lord's work in this pagan country. Please kindly pray for us both spiritually, financially and physically to do the ministry of Jesus Christ.Your very sincerely in Christ and lost souls,In His vineyard, PASTOR CHANDRA .S.YANDHRA PRADESH STATE,SOUTH INDIA
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